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Fleksy + GIF Keyboard v5.7.2 APK-Android

Applications admin 24 May 2015, 23:55 0
Fleksy + GIF Keyboard v5.7.2 APK-Android

Fleksy + GIF Keyboard v5.6.9 APK-Android | 17.67 MB APK

Fleksy is a new, revolutionary keyboard, powered by patent pending technology that makes typing on any device fast, accurate and so easy you can type without even looking.

The power behind Fleksy is its unique technology based on Geometric Intelligence. Imprecise? Sloppy typing? No problem! Fleksy will know what word you meant to type even if you tap on all the wrong letters. The patent pending technology doesn't just look at the letters you press. It looks at WHERE you tap and analyzes your typing pattern to understand the word you meant to type.

There’s nothing out there like Fleksy. It’s so powerful that you can type without even looking at your keyboard.

With just a swipe of your finger, you can easily accomplish tasks such as punctuation, spaces, hit return, add words to your personal dictionary and much more. The unique gesture system maximizes typing comfort and makes typing just as easy as typing on your laptop.

Fleksy is the most comfortable, most accurate smartphone typing experience in the world.
It's now also the fastest. The official Guinness World Record for fastest typing on a smartphone was broken with Fleksy on May 2014.

Personalize Fleksy to meet your needs with multiple layout options to reclaim your screen real estate. The unique gesture system allows you to minimize the keyboard to three lines or even choose to use the invisible keyboard to see 100% of your screen while accurately typing on your touchscreen.

Fleksy adjusts further to your writing style through My Fleksy Cloud service! Teach Fleksy your unique writing style by linking your email and social networks, then backup and sync seamlessly across your devices.

Track your stats and master typing without looking through My Badges! Earn all 30 badges like “Invisible Master”, “Dash Swiper”, "Fleksy Bird" and "King of Keyboards" for your collection.

Fleksy keyboard supports Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Turkish.

What's in this version : (Updated : May 20, 2015)
★ Korean: Autocorrect is now available
★ Korean: Fixed Backspace
★ Reduced APK by 11mb
★ The Extensions tab now scrolls easier and smoother
★ Cyclic scroll: You can now swipe between 2 active extensions in any direction
★ Battery consumption
★ Re-designed Size tab
★ Many -many- longstanding crashes
★ Lower case letter when correcting with Caps On
★ Slow keyboard pop with Launcher extension enabled
★ Radio Star badge
★ Misaligned homerow in some cases

Required Android O/S : 4.0+

Google PLay com.syntellia.fleksy.keyboard

XON Episode Three v1.0.2 APK-Android

Games admin 24 May 2015, 23:51 0
XON Episode Three v1.0.2 APK-Android

XON Episode Three v1.0.2 APK-Android | 42.94 MB APK

Finally: the best selling game of its kind on the iPhone is now available for Android.

DarkMysteries is an exciting detective game to play with your friends. It contains dozens of mysteries waiting to be solved on parties, at a campfire or on long car journeys.

- 30 unique, exciting mysteries
- Every mystery has been illustrated by hand
- 3D effects and intuitive touch controls
- The game contains two languages: English and German

The game works like this:
- You choose a mystery and read it out loud
- Then you take a look at the solution. Of course you keep it to yourself!
- Now your friends take turns in asking you questions that can be answered with YES or NO (no other answers are allowed!)
- Who solves the riddle first wins. He or she may read out the next mystery

- This game can't be played alone. You need at least one other player.

What's in this version :
(Updated : May 21, 2015)
- Bug fixes

Required Android O/S : 2.3+

Google Play: de.fun4mobile.darkmysteries3

Angry Birds Stella POP! v1.4.34 Mod Gold Lives Android-P2P

Games admin 23 May 2015, 23:25 0
Angry Birds Stella POP! v1.4.34 Mod Gold Lives Android-P2P

Angry Birds Stella POP! v1.4.34 Mod Gold Lives Android-P2P | 46 MB APK

Angry Birds meets bubble shooter in an all-new and super-addictive puzzler! Use your slingshot to match and burst colorful bubbles, save exotic critters, and topple the piggies. Strategic and intuitive gameplay make for a challenging and satisfying bubble popping experience!


- Match and pop bubbles to save critters, stop piggies and score big
- Special Pops – a six-match streak unlocks a superpowered bubble
- Unlock boosts for added bubble popping power

- Action-packed gameplay – get out your slingshot and start popping
- Loads of addictive puzzles like Drop the Pigs, Beat the Clock and many more
- Master your bubble flinging and use strategy to crack tricky levels

- Explore the Golden Island map with beautiful graphics and enchanting music
- Challenge friends and see their progress by connecting to Facebook
- Sync your progress across mobile and tablet

Release Name: Angry Birds Stella POP! v1.3.30 Modded Gold Lives Android-P2P

Google Play: com.rovio.ABstellapop

Deep Sleep Battery Saver Pro v4.7 APK-Android

Applications admin 23 May 2015, 17:43 0
Deep Sleep Battery Saver Pro v4.7 APK-Android

Deep Sleep Battery Saver Pro v4.7 APK-Android | 3.53 MB APK

During deepsleep mode, Wifi, 3G are turned off, background apps are stopped. Therefore, most apps are not working, including Facebook, Google Service, etc,. It then constantly wakes up in order to download email, sync Facebook status, etc,. It's defined by deepsleep frequency and woke up duration

In advanced mode (PRO), you can customize more parameters, including day/night settings, active period, screen timeout, sync strategy, ignored apps, etc,

5 pre-defined profiles: Gentle, Balance, Strong, Aggressive, Slumberer. They varies on frequency, duration and other settings. The former is less disruptive, but save less battery and vise versa
Custom profile (PRO) - for advanced users. If you need more customization, select this profile and modify it
Custom profile settings

Separate between weekday vs weekend settings
Frequency: device is turned on DS mode at a selected frequency
Duration: device is woke up after for a selected duration after a each frequency cycle
Wileless & network: control radio setting during DS on
Sync: Control sync strategy and sync account, auto-sync
Apps: Select apps that will be stopped during DS on
CPU: Process twist - root only
Night period: During this period, device is always in DS mode

Languages: English, Français, Tiếng Việt

What's in this version: (Updated : May 22, 2015)
Fixed bugs
Remove READ_LOGS permission.

Required Android O/S : 2.1+

Google Play: com.rootuninstaller.batrsaverpro

Runtastic Heart Rate PRO v2.1 APK-Android

Applications admin 23 May 2015, 14:33 0
Runtastic Heart Rate PRO v2.1 APK-Android

Runtastic Heart Rate PRO v2.1 APK-Android | 12.75 MB APK

runtastic Heart Rate App will measure how fast your heart beats with great accuracy using your smartphone camera!

Unlimited number of measurements: Measure your heart rate at any time, anywhere and as often as you like
Filter function: Filter your measurements by measuring types
Resting HR
Max HR
HR before and after fitness
See the development of your heart rate in a graph (development resting HR)
Reminder: Get automatically reminded to measure your heart rate
Ad free

Measure your HR with the camera on your smartphone
See your HR results in a graph
Different measuring types
Resting HR
Max HR
HR before and after fitness
Upload, store and analyze your results to the runtastic fitness site

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