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Alien Cars 3D Future Racing v1.0 APK-Android

Games admin 14 Jun 2015, 16:56 0

Alien Cars 3D Future Racing v1.0 APK-Android | 44 MB APK
Make the best out of your racing experience and check out the coolest competition ever by playing Alien Cars 3D Future Racing!

Are you ready for the ultimate racing tournament? , Step on the gas Fasten your seat belts and this iconic space exploration to oil the track with the car speedometer in foreign bases!

Competition discovery of an alien race held the base and has a mission in the world today. To prepare your car enroll the most anticipated racing championship and friends demonstrate their advanced skills. What are you waiting for? To jump to the driver's seat and feel the adrenaline pumping.

The greatest racing event of the century in one yourself, start your engine and go against your opponent 3 Laps Circuit. Be sure to overcome your enemies and the finish line in first. Speed, speed and switch them to the extreme of the galaxy to be the champion!

Knockout Racing circuit is similar to race types, but in case you will be the last of a lap will be eliminated. Face your opponent and beat the lap time! This course will challenge the limits of acceleration to the next level. Hit the gas and tires burnout, there are no speed barriers along your route!

And race against the clock in Time Attack mode, finish the course within the stipulated time. You do not have to face any opponent, but a series of powerful driving techniques and skills required to achieve the fastest time possible.

Feel the thrill of racing like never before, the future new adrenaline-filled racing game!

- Keep many hours in 24 different levels;
- 16 spacecraft for an unexpected racing experience;
- User-friendly control - choose between the pedals or tilting the screen;
- 3 types of racing - Circuit, Knockout and Time Attack;
- Very exciting adrenaline-pumping game;
- Trippy 3D graphics, incredible environment and racetrack barren wasteland;
- Different camera angles to set the perfect view.

Google Play:com.trasylgamia.alienscars3dfutureracing

Android version: 2.3+

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