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Forest Spirit v1.0.7 APK-Android

Games admin 28 Sep 2015, 23:37 0

Forest Spirit v1.0.7 APK-Android | APK | Size: 53 Mb
A tower defense game with enemies like no other.

No more snaking on predetermined path but an unpredictable tidal wave of bugs destroying everything in its path. In Forest Spirit they won’t stop at anything, they will eat their way through defenses and trees even flow around objects to find the quickest way to a delicious tree of life.

Outsmart your enemies, build up the strongest defense with upgradable plants and trees, command the forces of nature and hit them where it hurts the most.

Build the best defense against ever-changing AI behavior in three difficulty levels.
Command the forces of nature with powerful spells – conjure up the tempest, heal plants with sunlight.
Vanquish hundreds of enemies on one screen and guard the precious tree of life.
Challenge your friends and players around the world in special arenas and see how long you can survive.

Google Play: com.forcefield.forestspirit

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