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Scientific Calculator PasCal v2.3

Applications red.river 13 May 2017, 06:32 0
Scientific Calculator PasCal v2.3

Scientific Calculator PasCal v2.3 | 2.6 MB
PasCal is a scientific calculator featuring formula input method and is simple and easy to operate. Besides the simple calculations, you can calculate the complicated calculations easily too. PasCal provides the complex number calculations, the matrix calculations, the solving equations and 2D,3D function plotting, so it is most suitable for high school students, university students, engineers and researchers. PasCal is a campaign special price now. Please consider the purchase at this opportunity.
PasCal include following features
* 6 body color variations
* Formula input method makes it possible to revise a calculation formula easily while composing
* Calculation formula history and result history
* Scientific, engineering, fixed-point and floating-point display modes
* Calculation formulas can contain variables
* Fraction and DMS(Degrees,Minutes,Seconds) calculations and complex number calculations
* Primary functions and special functions
* SOLVER provides solving equations and differential and integral calculus of functions
* 2D,3D plotting of built-in functions and arbitrary functions
* Vectors and matrices calculations
* One independent memory plus 10 arrayed memories
* Calculation formula library
* User-customizable unit conversions
* User-customizable constants
* Built in simple key-help and detailed reference manual

What's New
* Implemented action bar GUI.
* Implemented 3D graph function based on OpenGL.
* Enhanced 2D graph function based on OpenGL.
* Improved 2D graph line width to be selectable.
* Implemented dialog built-in keyboard for entering numerical values.
* Implemented calculator landscape layout for tablet devices and in this context,
changed second function layout of D.ANS, D.FRM, M+and M-.
* Improved the color of secondary function label, numeric key and some key to be selectable.
* Fixed miner bugs.

Requires Android: 3.0 and up
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